Our Services

Our Radiation Protection Assurance (RPA) service offers our clients comprehensive and high quality radiation protection services that are tailored to their individual needs.

We deliver corporate assurance to our clients through advice which is both proactive and responsive but proportionate and relevant to their service requirements, providing radiation protection advice to hospitals, healthcare services and industry on:

  • Healthcare Imaging
  • Sealed and unsealed radioactive sources
  • Therapy Treatment (External Beam Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Therapy)
  • Clinical Research
  • Disposal of radioactive clinical waste
  • Radiation Protection Design

We also provide Quality Assurance (QA) advice for users of these modalities:

  • X-rays
  • Sealed and Unsealed radioactive sources
  • External Beam or Brachytherapy Radiotherapy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasound
  • Lasers
  • Ultraviolet light

As part of one of the largest Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Departments within one of the leading NHS Teaching Hospitals in the UK, we have have access to specialist electronic, mechanical and software engineering design and fabrication facilities, enabling us to fully support all of our client’s service requirements.

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Additional Services

Diagnostic Radiology Including Mammography

The four Radiation Protection Advisers are individually certificated, as required by IRR99 and HSE guidance and re-accredit on a 5 yearly basis. Two of the RPAs are also accredited Radioactive Waste Advisers. All Clinical Scientists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, undertake Continuing Professional Development and annual performance appraisal.

All quality assurance is performed in accordance with the standards detailed in:

  • IPEM Report 91 Recommended Standards for the Routine Performance Testing of Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Systems
  • IPEM Report 89 The Commissioning and Routine Testing of Mammographic X-ray Systems
  • IPEM Report 107 The Critical Examination of X-Ray Generating Equipment in Diagnostic Radiology
  • NHSBSP Mammography equipment QA is compliant with national and regional protocols.

Optical Radiation including lasers/ILS/UV and PDT

We advise on Radiation Protection for Non-ionising radiations (UV, Lasers, IPLs) under the general provisions of the HSW and MHSWR and also advise on compliance with the AORD, which requires risk assessments for all intense light sources.

This includes non-ionising radiation protection advice as and when required relating to Laser and Ulraviolet light, in particular to include advice on:

  • Design, construction and modification of premises
  • Interpretation of regulations and methods of compliance
  • Contents and revision of Local Rules and Systems of Work for new installations
  • Training requirements of staff for compliance with regulations and guidance

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound testing will follow national guidelines as set out in IPEM report 102 (2010) “Quality assurance of Ultrasound Imaging Systems” and NHSBSP Report 70 (2011) “Guidance notes for the acquisition 7 testing of ultrasound scanners for use in the NHS Breast screening programme”.

Equipment QA and probe test results will indicate deterioration in existing equipment. Advice will be provided in the identification of replacement equipment.

The service includes:

  • Commission all scanners and get baseline
  • Train local users in monthly QA
  • Local users to perform monthly QA and send results
  • Provide monthly feedback on results
  • Perform a yearly check on the scanners
  • Perform checks during problems or call-outs

Quality assurance measurements of equipment calibration will also be performed after major modification or repair.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Provision of advice to Trust Management on compliance with regulations and standards covering the use of MRI including the role of Magnetic Resonance Safety Adviser.

We provide NIR Clinical Scientists for MRSA support for all sources of non-ionising radiations, advice and assistance on policies, risk assessments, procedures, Local Rules and other relevant documentation.

Proactive advice is provided following publication of new legislation or guidance. We will provide Magnetic Resonance Imaging Safety Advice as and when required , in particular to include advice on:

  • Interpretation of guidance and methods of compliance
  • Guidance on MR safety issues, including MRI compatibility of medical devices
  • Advice on Magnetic Resonance equipment requirements
  • Training requirements of staff for routine quality assurance